Professor Anthony A. Goodman, M.D.

Professor Anthony A. Goodman
  • Montana State University
  • Cornell Medical College
It is the greatest gift to be able to explore the ever-changing outer edges of science and share them with my students.
Dr. Anthony A. Goodman is Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Montana State University and Affiliate Professor in the Department of Biological Structure at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He earned his B.A. from Harvard College and his M.D. from Cornell Medical College and trained as a surgical intern and resident at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. He completed his surgical training and served as chief resident at the Harvard Surgical Service of Boston City Hospital, the New England Deaconess Hospital, the Lahey Clinic, and Cambridge City Hospital. For 20 years, Dr. Goodman worked as a general surgeon in south Florida and served as Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine. In addition, he served as a surgeon with the U.S. Army Medical Corps and on the hospital ship for Project HOPE. He was also Visiting Professor of Surgery at the Christchurch, New Zealand, Clinical School of Medicine. Founder of the Broward Surgical Society, Dr. Goodman is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Surgery.

"Dr. Goodman should be cloned.  He is better than any professor I had in college.  I didn't want his courses to end."


"Dr. Goodman obviously finds his subject fascinating and made it fascinating to me. His presentations were clear and always related to issues the average person cares about."

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63 Courses and Sets

  1. Set: 1977,160,1956,1564 Set

    Set: 1977,160,1956,1564

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at £177.98 Starting at £177.98 £247.98 £177.98£247.98
    Our bodies are made up of vastly complicated and endlessly fascinating systems. This four-course set will provide you with an enthralling view of your body, both inside and out. Look at healing like a doctor and learn about the intriguing details of pathophysiology - the study of the disruptions in a normal body's functions. Find out what science can tell us about cancer and get an in-depth view of your own anatomy....
  2. (Set)  Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body & Lifelong Health Set

    (Set) Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body & Lifelong Health

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at £69.98 Starting at £69.98 £102.98 £69.98£102.98
    Improve your health and wellness whether you're 20 or 120 with this set of two courses. In Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body, learn about the history of yoga and discover which style of yoga best fits your life. Then, in Lifelong Health: Achieving Optimum Well-Being at Any Age, expand your study of wellness to all areas of your life, including nutrition, stress reduction, and more.
  3. (Set) Healthy Living: 4 Course Set Set

    (Set) Healthy Living: 4 Course Set

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at £75.98 Starting at £75.98 £75.98 £75.98£75.98
    Take the best care of yourself possible with this set of health-focused courses. Learn tips and techniques fro making healthy food taste great, ways to strengthen your body, the surprising myths we’ve all absorbed over the years about nutrition and fitness, and the tips you need to stay healthy at ANY age. Improve your diet, your body, and your mind.