Professor Richard Wolfson, Ph.D.

Professor Richard Wolfson
  • Middlebury College
  • Dartmouth College
Physics explains the workings of the universe at the deepest level, the everyday natural phenomena that are all around us, and the technologies that enable modern society. It's an essential liberal art.

Dr. Richard Wolfson is the Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College, where he also teaches Climate Change in Middlebury's Environmental Studies Program. He completed his undergraduate work at MIT and Swarthmore College, graduating from Swarthmore with a double major in Physics and Philosophy. He holds a master's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Physics from Dartmouth.

Professor Wolfson's published work encompasses diverse fields such as medical physics, plasma physics, solar energy engineering, electronic circuit design, observational astronomy, theoretical astrophysics, nuclear issues, and climate change. His current research involves the eruptive behavior of the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona, as well as terrestrial climate change and the sun–Earth connection.

Professor Wolfson is the author of several books, including the college textbooks Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Essential University Physics,and Energy, Environment, and Climate. He is also an interpreter of science for the nonspecialist, a contributor to Scientific American, and author of the books Nuclear Choices: A Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Technology and Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified.


"Dr. Wolfson covers his topics in physics thoroughly and in an entertaining fashion. His sequence of subjects is novel and he manages transitions and cross-references extremely well."


"Professor Wolfson lectures were superb, enthusiaistic, never dull. He is an excellent teacher. Highly recommended, I wish I could go back to college and take more courses from him!"


"Professor Wolfson is easily the most gifted lecturer I have ever encountered including in 5 years of college and 2 years of grad school."


"One can't beat Richard Wolfson as a coherent, organized, knowledgable and effective lecturer."

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