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Frequently Asked Questions

Question What's the difference between The Great Courses Plus and The Great Courses?

The Great Courses Plus is a subscription services featuring hundreds of our newest and most popular courses, which are all available to watch or listen to through the apps or by streaming from your computer. The Great Courses is not a subscription service but offers all courses for individual purchase on DVD, CD, or Digital formats.

Question How do I enjoy The Great Courses Plus?

You Can Access The Great Courses Plus:

  • via our website,, using your mobile or desktop internet browser
  • by downloading The Great Courses Plus app today for your iOS or Android device
  • over your TV via our Roku app, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other connected TVs coming soon

Question Will new courses be added to the site as they are released?

Yes! Plus members will get any new video courses about a month after they are released.

Question Do Plus members receive any discounts on a la carte purchases on The Great Courses?

Yes! Plus subscribers receive an exclusive everyday low price on all a la carte purchases such as CDs, DVDs, & downloads

Question Why doesn't my login for The Great Courses work for The Great Courses Plus site?

Because it is a new service with a dedicated website and apps, The Great Courses Plus requires a separate account and a membership.

Question Can I view courses that I have purchased digitally at on The Great Courses Plus?

No. Plus members who also purchase courses to own will continue to access those titles through My Digital Library at

Question If I am a Great Courses Plus customer, can I access the companion guidebooks that come with each course?

Yes! Plus members receive access to all of the associated Course Guidebooks in digital (PDF) format.

Question How many different people can use one account?

A single membership with The Great Courses Plus can be used on up to ten devices and can support up to five concurrent streams.

Question Why is there more than one app for The Great Courses in the app store?

There are two apps associated with The Great Courses. The first is The Great Courses Plus App, which allows you to stream more than 10,000 videos from The Great Courses Plus. The second app is The Great Courses App, which is an app that allows you to download or stream individual videos that you have purchased from